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Dust -

Originally Posted by Dust View Post
JDM cars after 2000 have a OBD2 port.
Ok, then I would say it's 95% likely that you are OBD2 compliant. If it was already being supported in the USA for 4 years, it would make sense for it to "all be there" after 2000.

The 5% unknown is because the physical port does not guarantee the same level of *protocol* support. That is a function of JDM regulation after 2000. The OBD2 ports were already showing up in US cars before 1996, but the level of OBD2 support was up to the manufacturer before 1996. Full OBD2 support was not mandated until 1996.

This is probably a e-mail question. They would have a better knowledge of where and when the OBD2 protocol is fully mandated.

I successfully used a Scangauge on a European 2004 Renault Megane Sedan, so it "just worked" for me in that case.


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