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Full-boat-tail trailer with gap-fillers for Toyota T-100 pickup

Hello all.I've had a little time to devote to the trailer project.The complex curves make it a challenge for me to visualize my goal so I did some primitive Photoshop work to help my pea brain.The image is from an actual photo of a Viking fiberglass speedboat a neighbor gave me atop it's cut-down trailer.The inverted-prow is deceptive in the photo and when viewed from the rear,the hull comes to a complete point,ten feet behind the tailgate of the truck.This agrees with the aero template from Jaray and Lay's work.Most of the gray area at the lower part of the trailer body is fairing for the wheels.The underside of the trailer follows a line rising 2.5-degrees and is a continuation of the line established from the underside of the T-100.Between the truck and leading-edges of the trailer will be four movable gap-fillers which hinge at the truck back and ride on the forward surface of the trailer on rollers,held in tension against the trailer by a tension cable which itself rides over pulleys below the panel elements,with a simple spring maintaining tension.---------- The boat hull is far from ideal but using it will save hundreds of man-hours and should help settle my curiosity about such a contraption.Maybe 40-mpg HWY,we'll see.P.S.,the trailer is large enough to serve as a rigid tent,for car-camping.

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