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Hmm, I would be after some in the order of ....
1000Amps + but was going to settle for 500A. Hmm, i guess ill just go for broke first time round.


100 Amp Little Miss Mosfet
200 Amp Oprah
500 Amp Cougar
750 Amp EV-1 (i think its owed something)
1000 Amp Delorean
2000 Amp "Going postal"... (Cause anyone going that fast is probably postal, were do i get 1?)

Group buy:
Not sure if Australia makes much sense there, we will see. Will price up what i can get here.

$20 from me. How much do u need to build an entire controller, it was around $400 wasnt it?

What i am making: Drydanol - electric in welsh
Taffy's 2009 Locost

Photo's of build: I have been collecting the photos over this thread with an idea of trying to put together the construction process.

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