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accuracy of coast down tests

Originally Posted by Coyote X View Post
I would think a basic coast down test of some sort would work.
coast down tests, with your engine disengaged, provide very little resistance to an errand swift "wiff" or wake
from a jetstream on an otherwise totally still day.
especially on an lightweight vehicle, esentially flushing
your efforts.
for all aero improvement testing of my coasting racers i have found an very steep spot in the forrest surrounded by
dense pines, thus shielded from all extracurricular ariflow.
i you have no shielding of any kind perform your tests
during complete windless nights in the early AM, but not too late as i have noticed slight wind suddenly arising around 4 am in various paces around the globe!

air is always "thicker" at night time making test conditions
much more discerning!
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