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Originally Posted by Fr3AkAzOiD View Post
All Insights use the CVT automatic.
I'm all for saving the planet but you can't be killing my wallet at the same time.
I'm not going to be paying $6,000 more for a car that will only save me $2,000 - $3,000 in gas over the next 150,000 miles, and thats IF I don't need to pay to have the battery pack replaced.

Though I am debating about buying a hybrid or plug in hybrid for my wife in about 3 years, will have to see what comes out as time goes on.

Driving from Raleigh, NC to Baltimore, Md she will average about 37/38 mpg but then when she is running around town doing errands she her average drops to about 25 mpg.
That makes perfect sense in your case. 25% extra might be acceptable, but above that, you're throwing money away that could be used for better things, IMHO.

Compared to a Malibu, it's an easy choice to get a hybrid. The hybrid systems still use less fuel in the long run despite their inefficiencies and extra weight. And they can still pull some G-force. But the Volt is looking to be $35k+. The battery packs look like they'd cost $20k retail or so.

The Insight looks like it's giving ground up for performance. The next gen Prius was actually claimed as being more performance oriented. I'm guessing the 10 second 0-60mph times aren't earning them the accolades they want. Honda has done pretty well keeping to the low HP range.

Originally Posted by AutoBlog
A 4-cylinder engine with intelligent variable valve timing and a DC brushless electric motor forms the foundation of the IMA hybrid system. The electric motor, positioned in-line between the engine and the transmission, adds power during acceleration and in certain cruising situations, and recaptures energy from the vehicle's forward momentum during braking (regenerative braking).
Dang, so that's what they're doing.

-Allch Chcar

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