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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
Too bad the article doesn't give any energy use figures for the same light output compared to halogen.
Looks like they're getting 20Watts for 800 Lumens and 50Watts for 1700Lumens

Originally Posted by Ryland View Post
Anyone know the Lumen number on a head light?

I know that the headlight bulbs that were in my Civic were 55Watts and seemed like only 1000Lumens or less of light, I stepped up to 100Watt bulbs and got maybe 1.5 times brighter, so maybe around 1500Lumens or less out of the bulbs.

Compared to ~1500Lumens @ 100Watts for a filament bulb as compared to 1700Lumens @ 50Watts, it's a good trade off. The only problem would be stepping up the Voltage since the 1700Lumen LED ran on 18-20Volts. It's not too difficult to do so really though, it's just that at nearly $100 per LED array and fabrication time, the LED alternative is quite pricey.

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