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Anyone ever tried to convert an Escort to electric?

Hi group. Well, for better or worse, I have aquired a 95 Ford Escort in decent condition very cheap. Looks as if it may even pass a safety pretty much as-is. I realize that these are a bit heavy (1100 kg) but it has all of the other necessary bits, especially the manual transmission. It's a hatch-back model, so thought that that area might make a good spot for the batteries?

This may turn into a long-term conversion, as Phyllis (my wife) has taken to the car and wants to drive it until we are ready for the "transplant", but we will see as it goes. I thought that in keeping with the "ForkenSwift" theme, I might call it a "ForkEscort" or maybe "Electrescort".

Any comments, suggestions, etc would be helpful - thanks! Ken.

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