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Howdy Paul, the question I have, what motor can be used with your ecomod controller? (this for a 48-60v motorcycle) I know I read it somewhere in the thread, but I can't re-find that.... brushless, brushed? got a recommendation for make and model? Like I said in the first PM to you, I ( and several of the other readers and adventurers) will need a fair amount of handholding in the assembly of the controller AND the obvious (to you) other parts needed.... anyway thanks for all your work... I've got a bike ready to strip and the local autoparts store guy is giving me a discount for any parts (like 12v flooded batteries) needed... got the elninja book and am assembling bike parts needed, waiting for the "official ecomod list" for the electrical parts, but figured a motor is gotta be needed so am lurking various websites for one....

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