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I like it, Paul. It sounds like improvements are coming at light speed (no pun intended). Opto's are great for taking care of ground issues. This collaborative effort is a wonderful thing to behold.

I went to the New York International Car Show in NYC this weekend. I really expected to see more electric cars. I was disappointed. The only car company really pushing electrics was Chrysler. They had two on display the Circuit, a two seat, sports car, and a Town and Country minivan. Each model displated on a pedistal with an attractive girl talking about its features. I have a bunch of pictures that I plan on posting soon for those that are interested. GM had a Volt on display, but it was kind of pathetic verses the Chrysler products. The Volt looked far from a finished prototype. It has stickers for fog lights, and they kept you 10 feet away from it so you wouldn't notice the lack of fit and finish. If this is the best that GM can do... they are going down.

Anyway I digress, but the one thing I realize is that its still going to be years before you can go down to the local dealer and buy one off the lot. Any many more years before you can get a good deal on a used one. So for the common man, this open source project is the way to be able to afford to get into an EV today. Making EVs affordable is the big challenge. EVs are the only way we can use renewable resources to power our transportation needs. I feel passionately about this, and Paul, you are a hero in this cause.
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