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Thanks for the quick response.. I think I will gather up my remaining (7) 50A mosfets and build a small version of your prototype power section. I have a single 12500mf cap to try, and see if it gets hot..
I also use optocouplers.. I use the SFH620A (a 4 pin dip), it has 2 LEDs so polarity is not a concern. Also if you are using a crude PWM circuit (like a single 555 chip) they help clean up the signal.
One more question: I have Bob Brant’s book “Build your own electric vehicle” and he stresses using a large inductor (choke) in series with the motor to “control armature ripple current”..
“20 turns of 1/16” x ” copper on a 2” x 2” core” Do you think this would help, or is it just not necessary?
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