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Originally Posted by mnwcsult
The common thread about the speeding ticket perhaps! I am planning on converting my gasoline car to an electric which why I hang out on eco-modders in the first place.

Getting speeding tickets while attempting to conserve energy (electrical/gasoline) is what drew me here. Speeding tickets seem to be unintended results.

So another unintended result is to apparentlly cheese off another reader due to my speeding ticket coming in a gaosline powered car.

My sincerest apology.
I almost forgot, Welcome to the forums.

Speeding is an easy topic online. I saw a conversation on another forum with one of the forum leadership talking about their new Corvette and they mentioned how fast they got it up to. That started a whole conversation with people chiming in how fast they went in their car. I'm still pretty disappointed in my fellow Christian mates about this . But it doesn't make any difference who does it in my mind. I was cruising at 73(approx, my speedo is off 12.5% and I was going 65mph) in a 70 zone and a cruiser pulled over the first guy that passed me. This wasn't the first time someone had the blue lights start shining in their rear view mirror as they tried to pass me, so it was enough to slow me back down to my normal 60mph speed before the cruiser even pulled over. Low and slow is my motto . If I want to race, I play NFS on my comp. Taking the DD to a race track isn't an option for me.

The X-prize is shameless about it too. But even my 98hp truck can hit 100mph once you remove the speed limiter after you upgrade the 92mph rated tires, some Ranger fans told me about that one. Building a vehicle that can hit 100mph takes some effort compared to just slapping a pre-production vehicle together, that's the only reasoning I could understand for their rule. I've used the rule of 70mph as a top speed for my design protoypes, but 60mph is easier since the odds of me driving through west Texas in a crosswind are pretty slim.
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