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I have a question, being a noobie at this.....I've always heard that you shouldn't tap 2 of 6 volt batteries from the pack to provide 12v, presumably because you will draw them down from the pack, and the recharge won't happen correctly - a point I disagree with, because I think the electron flow will equalize all the batteries in series when the load is removed...but I could be wrong - and I digress.....

So say you have a 144v pack (24) of 6 volts and you parallel every two, and tie them to a common 12v bus, + and - . And then use that bus to power your 12 volt systems ( fused of course ) - you would be drawing from all 24 equally - wouldn't you? Why is a dc-dc converter better than that?

The same configuration would apply to every scenario of batteries in multiples of 12 v, except the oddball 8v golf cart systems....


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