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Kill swicht, auto re-start, mild hybrid:

Hello everyone, I've been reading this post since and recently made my first kill switch for EOC mode. I have a 1998 Suzuki Swift 4 cylinder with manual transmission.

The parts I used:
5 contact relay, Single Pole, Double Throw or SPDT (40 amps)
Relay receptacle
Momentary push button switch (normally open)
Soldering Gun
Insulating tape

I used the SPDT relay, the 30 and 87a terminals to interrupt the current flowing to the positive side of both coil packs, since my engine has 2 coil pack, but with a common positive wire.

The terminal 85 was connected to the positive side of the ignition, but source, not the coil side, but the rest of the harness side.

Terminal 86 was connected to ground via the momentary push button switch. So I only had to lead one wire through the grommet of the fire wall and in to the cabin. And its ground, so in any case of a wire scuffing, the worst case scenario, it will not catch fire, it will only turn off the engine.

When I want to kill the engine, I throw it to neutral, then I push the button until engine looses all the RPM's. Since it's a momentary switch, ass soon I release it, it will be ready to start with the starter or with the inertia of the car and it's manual transmission.

The fuel pump will deactivate after about 5 seconds of no RPM detection. Also, there is no fuel injector, nor any ignition coil activity since there is no RPM detected. Everything is stand by for the next RPM movement. Still in test mode, but it's working fine. My scanguage remain on, so I don't loose the current trip memory.

The next thing I want to do is to make a circuit that automatically re-starts the engine when I press down the clutch down. But only if the engine is off. I can to this with an Op-Amp comparator and the Charging light. Since the light goes off when alternator is charging, and alternator start charging about the same time engine is on steady. I will be doing this in the near future, and will keep you informed.

Another idea is to use a hybrid alternator, those used on GM's Chevrolet Malibu and Saturn Aura engines. They use an Ecotec 2.4 L and they start the engine with a belt driven alternator/starter (BAS). If I find one of those, I could even make my car a mild hybrid, better than the pathetic 24/32 MPG those Malibu's and Saturn's currently achieve, since I will be using a much smaller 1.3 L engine. What do you people think about this idea. Would it be feasible?
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