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Yeah, you actually could string 12 12V batteries together to get 144, then attach the 12-volt system across the terminals of the first battery. You'd get your 12 volts. However, as the motor is cranking ripply amps out of that battery, your tiny electronics would likely be getting thrashed. You'd also be drawing more current out of that one battery, which apparently is bad for pack balancing and life. No explosions here.

I'm sad that the controller blew up. I am looking forward to your tear-down diagnostic. Don't take it all appart till some electronics experts have walked you through a few trouble-shooting methods to determine the first point of failure.

I'm glad that you're taking the time to beef it up. Your controller design would likely be perfect at 12V and 1A, but when you start really pushing power there becomes a bunch of periferal requirements to the basic pwm-mosfet system.

Paul, does that new AT16 chip have more ADC's? Could you watch pack volts and post-pre-charge voltage? Then you could automatically close a contactor that has the precharge in series with it and monitor the battery and post-pre-charge voltages till they are equal, then automatically flip the main contactor. This would eliminate timing and issues of pack differences, pre-charge resister differences, etc. No guessing, no goofing up.
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