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Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
With regards to sketch:

Fran is looking at it, and there is at least 1 serious error, and he's checking for more. I am not to build this control board until he's done looking at it. I don't know what the error is yet. He's very mysterious! haha! You guys can look at it if you want, though!


Do you think after Fran completes his review, we should go about getting the PCBs made? Or, do you want to breadboard everything and test it out first? What controller are you going with now?

I was thinking, what we may want to do is get some additional beta testers on board. Not to leave out Ben. Definitely get Ben back up and running with version 2, but maybe a few others as well. What do you think?

How much do you think it would be to buy populated control boards with all the components professionally soldered in place? Most of the money is in the power section, right? Under $100?

Then all we would have to do is work out the power section. I assume the power section could vary depending on the pack voltage and motor it was controlling.

Anyway, I might be getting too far ahead. I have a tendency to do that.

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