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Help stop harassment of NEVs in WI, is Slow Moving Vehicle a way out?

There are some people in this area that are fragant morons and have been harassing me saying my NEV is illegal.

Anyway my mother took the ZX40 out to work but in her typical fashion did not listen to me, she did not stay to the far right lane while driving on a 40mph street, our NEV tops out at 30mph currently.

There are individuals who work (driving school buses) with my father that are ticked off about this, anyway we are forced to drive on a stretch of 40mph 4 or 3 lane road about a half mile to get "out" to safe 35mph roads

In any event mopeds, tractors, Amish buggies and all sorts of other slow moving vehicles are allowed on that same road without issue and in fact I know our state explicetly allows slow moving vehicles on ALL SECONDARY AND RURAL PRIMARY ROADS!

If they don't I find it mighty fresh that those vehicles are allowed everywhere if there is a law against it. Heck the amish drive down freeways in buggies around here.

Can anyone help me locate the specific laws that govern mopeds and slow moving vehicles in this state? At one time my local school had a full set of wisconsin statutes, at present I am not sure where to search.

I have the strong feeling as simple slow moving vehicle triangle might rectify this problem (in that I could not be turned in).

Also I was told at one time our state had "uncontrolled" roads and highways that had no lower speed limits posted and thus no lower speed limit as a justification for allowing farm equipment and Amish buggies.

Thank You

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