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Yep the two motors have independently controlled throttles. The electric motor is connected full time to the CV axle so it is always spinning. It is a small load when idling so it should not matter much. The gas motor is a normal 5 speed and be in neutral/engine off while electric only. For added performance I could use both at the same time to get more speed but I am not sure what kind of extra performance that will give me yet.

The trigger throttle on the shifter works great the way it is now. With a voltmeter connected to the hall sensor it is a very smooth linear movement. I ordered a few more hall sensors and instead of the potentiometer on the brake pedal for regen I will probably use a hall sensor and magnet.

I seriously considered ordering 150 solar cells and building a charge controller of some sort. But I am not sure how or what batteries to charge with them. Charging the 12V battery would let me run alternator free most of the time. Charging the 72V set would give me more range on electric. I guess the best thing would be to convert the entire electrical system to 72V and use one pack for it all. But that would be a lot of work. I am not sure what to do with solar power, if anything, but it is something I would like to do once I figure out what to do with it.

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