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Originally Posted by dcb View Post
Well sure, what is "reasonable" is up to debate. Might as well use it to your advantage.

But staying to the right is not ambiguous.
I don't disagree with the stay to the right, we have never had issues until my mother drove the vehicle. And I don't plan on going on high speed roads but 40mph is only 5mph over the stated max and "other" states apparently limit the LSV's to all secondary roads without a speed designation.

What isn't ambiguous is that farm equipment and amish buggies are allowed on ALL ROADS regardless of speed in this state.

Strange how a superior/safer form of transport is restricted off of roads where 5-10mph buggies are allowed on.

I have been under the radar thus far and will continue to lay low but I have a feeling eventually we will get called on it.

Ah well.
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