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Originally Posted by Christ View Post
Stay to the right, and use a "slow moving vehicle" insignia. They're generally good for any vehicle which cannot exceed 40 MPH. (The triangle thing.)

Lastly, speak with your local State Police and DOT offices, to find out more detailed information. The law is only your enemy if you intend to offend it, otherwise, use the information provided by those in authority as often as possible, and take it in higher regard than the hearsay of those irritated by your slow moving ways.
Oh, I am offending it, the local DOT didn't think NEVs where legal, the madison office overroad them, the local police don't know what it is and don't bother me about it.

Its best to leave well enough alone until I am called out on it.

About the only thing I could ask about is the slow moving vehicle status which is just any vehicle with said triangle on the back, far as law goes there aren't limitations you just need to stay to the right when using a Slow moving Vehicle. Oh and 4 lane freeways are an obvious no no. although the amish do offend if the road goes where they need to end up.

I am relatively familiar with the amish because of the many craft shows I set up at, they are allowed on all roads so long as they stay as far to the right as is reasonable. The law is however ambiguous.
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