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Hi dcb, I finally got a chance to check some things out.

When refueling, with both cars I always try to pump the gas at the same speed. At about .1 gallons per second, or 6 gallons per minute. I just imagine I am watching a clock. I go to the first click of the handle and call it good. Last year I went to 2 clicks but that would overfill the wagon so since then I have been going to the first click for all cars.

Then I go in and usually my daughter takes a potty break and looks around for a few minutes to decide on something to nibble on for the road, then I go pay and come back to the car. I always look (especially lately since I'm suspicious) and I never see any drips on the ground. I also check after a hilly stop and go drive like going to work, and never see anything on the ground.

This season I have done all my fillups at the same station, that never gave me any problems with the other car so I would assume I am not getting ripped off. Last season the problems started when using other stations anyway. Before that it was consistently 1-8% high and no more. The problems started with one tank being 1.3% low, then was ok for a bit, then bam, 10% low. It still continues to be about 10% low.

Now I did crawl under the car at lunchtime yesterday and nosed around at the tank and lines. The tank is starting to get rusty, but no sign of leaks and no gas smell. The hoses from the tank are dry, but when I grab them and pull them around, they are still dry but my fingers smell like gas afterwards. So they are passing vapor, which means it is time for replacement. I ordered a new tank off ebay, since I have to drop the tank to change the lines anyway, might as well just do it once and be done with it. Every one of my a-bodies has needed a tank replacement anyway. I doubt I am losing over a gallon per tank just as dry vapor, but I will get at these things once the weather shapes up, they can't hurt.

One thing I was curious about was the pressure regulator. If it was leaking, it could be drawing gas into the intake, therefore burning the gas and not needing as much through the injectors to get the same engine power. But I disconnected it and not even a smell of gas, so I am good there.

Tonight I got a chance to test the fuel injectors. To get to them I had to pull the plenum which requires removal of a bunch of other things. I am not totally sure if they are all to spec or not. 4 of them are 12.6 to 12.9 ohms. The middle one on each bank is 11.6 for one, and 10.0 for another. I have a service manual that says the bank as a whole (3 in parallel) should be at least 4 ohms, but in the same sentence says that each injector should be at least 8 ohms, which doesn't jell. Various websites say that they should be no less than 12 ohms which makes more sense. I do have 2 spare banks of injectors, one is in similar condition with some low ones, the other is all consistent at over 12 ohms.

I may get at swapping the injectors this week just to see, not sure. Friday I get my wisdom teeth pulled, so I will be out of commission for awhile.

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