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Since I now stand corrected on the alternator solar swap, you should hook up with solar panels to put on your dash and rear(since you can't have passengers). The alt delete from other users is woth 10% and you can easily get enough juice during the day to keep up just using the dash and that rear window(or the surface below it so you don't block your view). Mounting it inside protects your aero and keeps the panels from getting lifted when your car is unattended.

Also since you have electric assist the PV panels could entirely avoid having to use the engine at all to power that(or recharge the batteries). I would keep it attached on a switch in case its cloudy(PV can generate small amounts of power depending on cloud thickness, but its not going to be close to enough to replace the alternator in inclement weather.)

Also depending on how often you carry a passenger you might ditch the passenger seat. yours is probably not all that heavy but its a good 20 lbs at least(mine had steel frames and "heavier" foam replaced with CF spine and lighter foam for 20lb delete per seat(two)) which is alot more than your glove box and alot more annoying than a glove box. No glove box ever held an obnoxious person that I had to haul around.
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