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Originally Posted by Froggy View Post
Does the ELM chip broadcast at 500k for CAN, then respond at 9k to the OBDuino?
Yes, but the ELM speed on the serial side can be changed too, I tested 38400, I know you can push it to 115200 too and others speed.

Originally Posted by hummingbird View Post
Can you point me to the schematics please?
We never made an eagle schematic of it, you can base yourself on the MPGuino .sch to add the MC33290. We started all this with an Arduino or clone and as for ISO it's just a chip an a resistor, it was easy to do for the DIYs people.

Originally Posted by dcb View Post
Froggy, I have discussed the can specific stuff with mags and I think something will get released, it is just a matter of timing.
On the other hand, this has been done under an "open" premis, so I'm pretty sure mags will release something for the diy crowd but he wants to be ready to go with a hardware offering first.
You are right, to use the MCP2515/2551 I had to change the pinouts of the LCD, and I also rewrote part of the *duino libs to reduce size, and lastly I changes the LCD part to use one from NHD that use a 20mA LED so no need of sinking with a transistor. I also had familial matters that made me busy for a couple of months lastly :-/

I also learned Eagle and the schematic is quite stable now and I am working on a PCB design.
2013 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid
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