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need hypothetical numbers for project

I'm just doing some very early homework on a possible engine/tranny combo for an EV build. I'd like to see what you guys think about the motor size. voltage, trans type and weight. I'm not really looking for anything more than 50 mile range and scalding fast performance. Here is my parts list so far. Please tell me what you think with this limited amount of information

9" warP 9 motor
6spd manual trans from a hyubusa (sp?)
72v (12 6v golfcart batteries)
1200lb curbweight

It looks good to me from a power/weight standpoint but only because of the ultra tight gear ratios in the trans. I think I'd be shifting quite a bit to keep it on boil but is 72v enough to make IMPRESSIVE power and still maintain a 50+ range? My thinking is that the drivetrain will allow for much lower cruising rpms (and less power consumption) while still providing me with the top end I'd demand (80+mph)

I've seen several high quality EV-beetle kits that use the 9" motor but they run 96v. I'm unaware of their vehicle weight but the performance is NOT anywhere near what I'm looking for.

I've been discussing it locally and some people think the transmission will make all the difference in the world and some (me) only know "more batteries = more power". Who is right?

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