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Originally Posted by theunchosen View Post
...unless you have the exact same set of tires that you stole from their car there are no guarantees they will be the same.
ANY set of tyres will coast easier at higher pressures than the SAME tyre at lower pressure, upto ~50 PSI.
Originally Posted by theunchosen View Post
...The max rating is what they suspect is safe even if something goes wrong. i.e. your tire has a section of rubber that has a different composition and wears fast and can't take pressure.
Kinda vague, isn't it?
Originally Posted by theunchosen View Post
At 41 PSI their tests of intentionally poorly made tires deflated slowly rather than bursting or deflating rapidly, wore out and then burst.
What is the study being quoted here?
Originally Posted by theunchosen View Post
Setting to the max still allows for the engineers to incorporate a safety factor. Higher than that and there are no promises, also your insurance company has the ability to not cover you if you are injured in some form of accident relating to the tire malfunctioning and you wrecking.
In spite of every care, tires still get recalled. There is no silver bullet here. But as per the feedback on the very same forum, several members have got a good tread life and no safety incidents by pumping up to 50 PSI. As in any case where you exceed manufacturer specification, it is important to avoid stupidity and be safe and scrupulous when driving.
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