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I weighed myself recently and I am back down to the weight (and body build) that I had when I came out of college in 1981 at the time when they were just starting to contaminate the food supply with HFCS. I am now 2 years into my no HFCS diet. Before starting this diet, even though I worked out in the gym and did lots of aerobics (trailrunning), I still had this accumulation of fat around my hips that just wouldn't go away. In the last two years this accumulation has melted away completely dispite no change in the amount of food or sugar that I'm eating or my activity level. The only change being that I went from the usual mix of cane sugar, corn syrup, and HFCS in the American diet to cane sugar, with just a trace of corn syrup and HFCS. Unless I wanted to live like a hermit, its almost impossible to get totally away from exposure to HFCS, since any time that I eat out with friends at a restaurant or sit down to a meal when visiting relatives, there's a potential for HFCS to be at the table. All I can do is try to select food items that are less likely to contain it. But I can eliminate it at home and minimize the times that I eat out.
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