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Hi Guys, Iím new here and WOW, I wish I would have known about these forums 2 years ago when I converted my Fiero to electric!!!!! I just finished reading Paul and Benís build threads along with this one (about a weekís worth of reading) and I canít thank you guys enough for all the info and humor. Best reading Iíve had in years! It was so fun seeing you guys go through the same problems I did.

This OC controller is just what Iíve been looking for. I only spent $2500 on my whole conversion (and that included $1200 for a new set of batteries, 16 6V golf cart) and I couldnít see spending another $1500 for a controller. I went the cheapo route and made my own resistive/voltage control. It works OK but I am wearing out the contactors and itís kinda complicated to drive, especially with two motors connected with #35 roller chain (Donít do this, it stretches the chain, bends the teeth on the sprockets and makes lots of noise). Anyway, I just pulled out the motors last weekend and redid the motor mounting with just one motor (thatís all you need as it would do over 70mph with just one motor at 96 Volts, and the batteries donít like two motors). Since my ice motor had a hole in one cylinder, I sawed off the back 1 Ĺ inches of the block and made my adapter out of that. I sawed off the clutch end of the crankshaft and had a hole and keyway machined in it to match my motor. Cheap, and it works.

I figured now was the time to go to a ďrealĒ controller. I pretty much understand the power end, but when you get into the programming partÖ well letís just say I have a lot of learniní to do. When I graduated from SDSU (South Dakota State University) the only computer they had on campus was as big as my bathroom and you had to use some kind of punch cards to talk to it. Well it was South Dakota. Do you know what you have when you have two pigs and a pickup that wonít start?

Thatís the South Dakota State Fair!!! Just kidding, I grew up in SD and the state fair was really great. Thatís where I first got interested in alt. fuels. They had prototype ethanol fuel plant demos there clear back in the 70s.

Anyway, thanks Wherewolf for setting up the survey! (also glad to see the monkey gone, but my wife will yell at you if she sees you running with scissors, maybe a fork would be better) Iím in with both feet and by the way Paul how are we doing on adopting the new mosfets? I can help, but will have to send $ via snail mail.

Thanks again to all you fellow evíers!

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