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Originally Posted by TestDrive View Post
Try slow moving vehicle in the "Search for a word or phrase in the Infobase" box on Wisconsin Statutes Home
Page - Legislative Reference Bureau

Also worth looking to through the[*]346.59 Minimum speed regulation.[/LIST]
Probably also worth trying google searches beginning
Statute 347.245 looks the most promising
1969 Assembly Bill 16 (4) No person shall display such emblem on any vehicle or equipment not specified in sub. (1) .

Since I spend a lot of time under 25mph (this accelerates above 15mph slowly) I would be fully justified and required to have a slow moving vehicle symbol on the vehicle (even though a later law says otherwise)

As such slow moving vehicles are allowed on any secondary roadway so long as the symbol is displayed and they stay to the Right as far as is reasonable.

Sounds like I have a good defense Now to keep a printed copy showing that the older law classifies this vehicle as slow moving, requires the triangle and slow moving vehicles are to be allowed onto most any public road as is reasonable so long as they stay to the right.

Thank You
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