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Wednesday night it was nice out so I swapped the injectors after work. I also tested the old ones both hot and cold and WTF now they all test fine? Must be an intermittent short in them, they got the old readings both hot and cold as well but a day earlier. The new-used injectors seemed a bit sticky at first from sitting, finally after about 20 miles into my 25 mile work trip, they fully cleared up and it has ran well since. Guino said 28 mpg to work, which makes sense, it ran horrible at first. I also filled the tank at lunchtime. Forgot fuel injector cleaner this time, can always do later. Trip home guino said 38 mpg, best reading ever, but of course it may not be correct. One thing I noticed is the gutsy low end seems even a tad stronger. It also started well before, but now it starts absolutely instantly, like in 1 turn of the crank. Oh and fuel pressure is very strong, proper range, tested that too. Got my gas tank here today too. And I am feeling pretty normal after getting the teeth pulled this morning, so hope to do the gas tank and lines in the near future.

Now I'm really curious what the next few tanks will bring for guino readings, then I'll have an idea where to go with recalibration. Only thing is with getting good mileage it takes a long time to use up a tank, which is a good thing.

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