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Originally Posted by PainBank View Post
Is there a project page covering the 97 pages of forum posts? I am interested in this, but I would prefer to not read the whole thread at least to get started.

My wife has been talking to me about that. Once I stop throwing up (oops... too much info...) I'll take detailed photos and measurements of the process for making the power section. We are also setting up a website where all the info will reside. Parts lists, where to buy (point and click!), directions, etc.......

The control section is ALMOST done for version 2. MUCH improved!!! The pros are going to do the PCB layout design of the control section for me for free! What's that all about! Heck ya dude! Then I just need to find a nice cheap PCB fab place like maybe the one that my friend had found earlier to get those things made! Then if matt really wants to give himself cancer from all that solder smoke, who am I to stop him! Each power section isn't super quick, though. The etching looks easy enough, but actually is pretty annoying. My main work time is from 3-5pm each day (while my son is taking a nap), so 10-15 power sections will take a fair chunk of time. Maybe I could just do the etching, and the copper heat spreader could be bought and drilled. That thing is a pain in the bottom. haha. Wherewolf is checking on that and bus bar prices. Roger has a machine that can cut copper plate into bus bars, which may be cheaper.

I think I only want a single beta test for a little while (what's a reasonable amount of time???) before 15 people all get a controller that fails the exact same way! That would suck!
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