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It's been a long




winter. I about died.(facetious) I hate winter.(NOT facetious) I want to move to Florida. (seriously)

I STILL haven't reached my goal of besting 40mpg on my commute (consistently, anyway). And like MPaulHolmes is wont to say, it makes me really mad!

It actually warmed up nicely today. So I did an oil change. Up on ramps, I was poking around, seeing how Olivia fared through the winter. CV boots good. No leaks. Some of the stock plastic bellypanels are missing a button fastener here or there. Hey! What's this!? Rust?!

Bad images spring to mind of rusted out Geo Metro lower control arms with repairs that look like squeezed sparrow crap welds. Yikes! (You've been around this forum for awhile if you know what I'm referring to... )
Well, it's not nearly that bad. It's just begun. I remembered I had a bottle of Naval Jelly.

Honestly, I haven't really used it before. I have heard good things about it.
I grabbed an acid brush and started slathering it on.

THEN I read the label. I guess you're s'posed to wash it off after five or ten minutes and then prime/paint. Well, that's not gonna happen today.
Maybe next weekend I can reapply, wash it off, then paint.

Oh, yeah. For the oil change I got Kendall synthetic blend. If it doesn't spring a bunch of leaks, I'll go to full synthetic on the next oil change.
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