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now THAT's what I was looking for! Sorry for being difficult!

I can't go into TOO much detail about the project just yet to say basically what I have already said. I can offer up some more info on general stuff though.

1. uses automotive drive wheel in the back 17" about 7-7.5" wide. Will run a low profile tire (45series or lower)

2. it's not using a motorcycle swing arm, rather a custom assembly to house the wheel, hub, trans.

I'm obviously very new to this but I'm a quick learner so I appreciate the in depth answers.

As for the gearing in the transmission I was told that since a transmission is basically a torque multiplier that even with the low power of the 72v 9" motor I'd have "blazing fast" performance. It made sense to me at first but after seeing your numbers it looks like there is no way in hell. Maybe it's because of all the hypotheticals?

Does anyone happen to know what kind of range, speed, top-end I could get if I went with an 11" motor, direct drive and 144-156v? Would that be a better way to get more performance and save on weight and complexity?
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