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Originally Posted by PA32R View Post
Really? At 50 m.p.h. that's 367 feet. That's a football field including both end zones. Seems a little ... conservative. You'd need binoculars to see when the guy in front passed a marker to start the timing.
I agree. The "2 second rule" was designed to be independent of speed :

Two-second rule - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The two-second rule is useful as it works at any speed. It is equivalent to one vehicle-length for every 8 km/h (5 mph) of the current speed, but drivers can find it difficult to estimate the correct distance from the car in front, let alone to remember the stopping distances that are required for a given speed, or to compute the linear equation on the fly. The two-second rule gets around these problems, and provides a simple and common-sense way of improving road safety.
I usually use the 3 second version because that gives me an additional safety buffer :

Maintain a Safe Following Distance (The 3 Second Rule) - Smart Motorist


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