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On my car at 3050lbs with me in it I'm still trying figure out how to get another 5 mpg for a total of 36mpg. The awd part of the equation is killing me.

I turned my Talon into a flex fuel vehicle, for using the E85 for performance reasons only do to its knock resistance. My goal is to have it run low 10 second 1/4 mile times at 130mph. Then fill it up with petrol and use as a daily driver.

I'm still baffled on how HP2g claims to get the mileage hes getting while on
E85 in that heavy of a vehicle and a poor aero design??? All this and he claims that its being done with electronics and not a totally different engine??? Maybe I'm not understanding the MPGe like I

My Talon on E85 even with very lean burn and aggressive timing maps still has a terrible Light Load BSFC number when compared to petrol. The energy is just not there per-volume in the E85. I would never even try to use E85 as a fuel for achieving high fuel mileage. But thats just me
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