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Originally Posted by cfg83 View Post
pgfpro -

Welcome to EM! Like you said, the AWD is probably the big thing that is limiting your MPG goals. Looking forward to your BSFC stuff. Do you have multiple BSFC charts that reflect how you use your DS-MAP? I don't know how DS-MAP works, so I don't know if you can run on "Stock OEM" mode or not. It would be neat to see how you are modulating your DS-MAP for economy.

As far as the BSFC numbers its derived from about four different equations.
EFI 101 formula for tuning purposes.
Banks Technologies inertial accelerometer formulas
Dyno Dynamics testing
DS MAP data-logging
I'm finding that most of the efficient passenger cars run around .20 BSFC at light load.

The DS-MAP is a speed density software that uses ignition and fuel tables. You can change the values through out the load and rpm range.

I run the fuel economy mode in close loop, and then run high load WOT in open loop. I can set the switch from close loop to open by tps position.
So with light cruise load I just enter the desired wide band air fuel ratio I want and it does the work. I also monitor it with a back up Innovate Motorsports LMA-3 Auto Box.

That's it in a nut shell.
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