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Even though I think it's a tiny bit irresponsible, on ben's next prototype, but oh well! I think it will be fine! I ordered some different diodes, that are rated at 600v and 80 amps each instead of 200v and 60 amps each. They will have a bit more heat loss, but that way I can still use a single mosfet driver, they only have 2 legs instead of 3, so there's less soldering (better opportunity for THROUGH H0LE SOLDERING!) and then crazy ben can adjust a variable resistor to change the hardware current limit all the way up to maybe 700 amps. 800 would be the absolute max, but I think that would be irresponsible with 10 mosfets/diodes. hehe. Oh OK! If you want to try it BRIEFLY!!!!!!! But there is a real danger at that point of frying something before the heat spreader has a chance to do it's duty.

That's the nice thing about the LEM current sensor. It measures all the way up to 900 amps, not that we would need to do that.
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