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Originally Posted by edown View Post
Hey, Paul. That was pretty much what I was thinking..
I wonder, if you can take the outputs of 2 optocouplers and put them in series to make an AND-gate, then, your driver board would still be isolated from the controller board?? You would still need a voltage divider to drive the optocouplers, I think..

I'm glad you like my "cheesy” controller, I was just so glad to have it work even better than I had hoped.. I’ve blown out 4 IGBTs (300 and 400A) and a pile of mosfets, just thru ignorance..
Oh Stinker! I forgot about the isolation! Good point!

I burnt up a pile of mosfets too! I kept them all in a box, because I sort of felt bad, but I moved on, and threw them in the garbage. ahhahaha! They started to stink. No, but seriously, they were like $5.50 each and it made me really sad that they broke, a whole string at the same time. That sucked. I wanted to open them up, and somehow fix them, but I knew they were gone. boohoo!
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