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Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
Hey Blowncurtis! hehe. That's a great idea! Very very very very very very...
very soon all the details will be layed out in gory uh... detail. I just spoke to one of the most wonderful people in the whole universe that is doing the PCB layout right now!! LIke now as I type! He sent me some screen shots of it. I'm sort of excited. Sort of really really really excited. really excited, actually. Once some PCBs get made, it will be relatively straightforward to do the control section, and then the power section will be not too bad either! Heck ya dude!

Then we will be able to power an LED! haha! An LED that can be seen from PLUTO!
So Paul if the PCB is a sucess would it also be open source so that people could etch their own PCS's ? Ive never stopped losing interest in this thread. It's just I've had so many irons in the fire lately that it gets hard to keep all the irons hot
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