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Well, my first mod was to block my lower grill on my '07 Pruis. I learned about this on Prius Chat. I just used the pipe insulation method. In order to maximize mileage I also reduced my speed on my commute from a max of 70mph to a max of 60mph. This has caused my mpg to jump from 46mpg up to 52+. My current tank is at 55mpg with just over 300miles on it. That has gotten me really excited. While I was happy with the 46mpg (in the northern california winters) I was shocked at the dramatic improvement I have achieved recently.

This has inspired me to install a more aerodynamic grill block. I am also considering lowering my car and or adding an air dam. I don't want my car to look too funky, but am willing to try a few mods. Then I found this site! I had no idea there was a whole forum devoted to mpg mods. I love it!

I saw a design for a grill block made of coroplast that was put on a Honda Del Sol. I think I will try that first.

Anyone know what kind of improvement I would get by lowering my car 20mm? (I can buy springs that would do that).

What about adding 2" to my existing air dam?

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