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Eric: That would be hugely awesome getting you in on the programming. I'm not a professional programmer.

That would be great, but I checked, and the mosfets and diodes are more expensive (even with the discount), and they don't carry the capacitors. Oh well! That was a great idea!

Wait, they are the ONLY place I've found that carry one of the new components that will allow us to have the contactor AND the pre-charge resistor completely handled without the human in the loop at all. The component is $6 each I think. I have 3 of them right now from them. I think we would need 2 per controller at this point.

Part Number: PVN012PBF
They are $5.88 each for 1-9. $4.71 for 10-99. That would be about $2 off per controller with the 15% discount, so not a HUGE savings, but better than nothing?

Alternatively, I've been eyeing the filter capacitors on digikey. They *only* have 186 left right now. To get a price of $1.52 each, we have to get 200 of them, which would be a savings to the kit purchaser of about $25, which is more significant. Also, they need to order more, and their lead times can cause problems! June 7th is the expected next shipment I think. That's probably fine, but I would like to do a couple practice controllers to try some different things. Ben's and maybe another couple.

Also, 30 sample diodes are on their way. What a difference being associated with Ecomodder, and Darin's vouching for the project makes! This company is going to get us a VERY good deal on the diodes. I'd like to buy one or 2 hundred of those when the time comes. Those would then be $2 each, instead of $4.21 each from Digikey. That would save about another $20-$25 for kit buyers. That can really add up. I would also like to do a bulk purchase at some point of about 100 mosfets, which would represent a savings to the individual buyer of around $30-$35 off the price of parts. Cooperating like this will make this a much cheaper controller. I need to figure out the new total cost based on the new components that are adding robustness and safety. I'll get to that soon, once the BOM is done on version 2.
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