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The offer of 15% off at Newark is good until 4/30/09, so we have some time to comparison shop. What do you think the best way to do this is? I know there are all types of people interested in converting ICE to EV. Some are experts at electronic assembly, and the kit set up is ideal for them. However, we don't want to discriminate against those with little or no electronic assembly skills. And then there are people like me that have the skills, but would rather pay someone to do it for them.

Paul, you mentioned that you would be glad to put together some controllers over the summer, and Matt generously offered to solder up the Beta run of logic boards. This is all great, and will really work out well for the time being. I'm just wondering if you can make a real business out of this? Have you thought about that?

Say if the parts come to $300, and it takes a day to make a controller from scratch. If you turned around and sold that controller for $600, a lot of people would be happy to pay that price or more for a decent 500 A, 144V controller. You would end up making $300/day building those controllers. Would that be something your into? It would get pretty tedious after a while, IMO.

Another thing to consider is liability. We all joked about Ben's days being numbered when he became the guinea pig for the first 144V test. Well all joking aside, if you go into business building controllers for others, product liability is something to consider. Wherewolf mentioned setting up a nonprofit corp. That and some good insurance may be necessary to protect you.

I've started up several successful businesses, and I would be glad to help you in any way possible.
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