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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
If you're doing primarily highway commuting (and it sounds like you are), lowering the car will help very slightly. Lexus calculated a one inch drop reduced Cd on the LS400 (I believe) by .01. That may gain you (guesstimating) 1-2 mpg @ 60 mph.

So, don't do it for the financial impact, though there may be other motivation.

There are lots of mods you can do to a Prius in addition to these.

And it's great to read someone's surprise at the savings from just slowing down. That's priceless! And just the beginning - the Prius responds particularly well to a motivated right foot. There's more fuel economy where that came from!
Yes, I am amazed at the huge impact to mpg. Everyone knows that the aero drag increases exponentially with speed, but I am still shocked at the difference. That is why I am telling it to everyone. Just to help reinforce the influence of reduced speed. I kind of think there are side benefits to my reduced speed. By staying in the slower lanes I don't have to accell/decell as much as people in do in the fast lanes.

That may be an old grill block, but it still looks great. I am wondering if he did the same thing for his Prius?
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