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I have had a few random ideas on taking the movement out of the lower sprocket. Nothing has really been ideal. Limiting the suspension will work but make it ride even rougher than it did before. I don't really mind a rough ride but there needs to be a little bit of give somewhere. The 51psi tires don't flex much so it would be a really bouncy ride. Attaching the electric motor to the suspension so it moves with the axle would probably work but it would be a really complicated mounting setup and I am not sure how it could be made easily. I am open to any ideas though

So far my best working idea is to seriously shorten the axle to be about an inch long and put a chassis mounted bearing set on the new end and connect it to a second short CV axle that runs out to the wheel. That way the center bearing set could be attached to the chassis and be fixed position with the sprocket on it. The inner cv axle could let the engine move around all it wants and the outer axle would take up the suspension movement. I could also change over to a belt drive with that setup and keep the vibrations down if it is bad enough to worry about.

The only issues with a setup like that is I need to move the engine over to the passenger side like 3 inches to make some room. I don't think it would be difficult just time consuming and getting into a lot more custom parts than I really wanted.

Right now even if I mounted the sprocket to the inner CV hub the motor mounts let it flex enough when the electric drive is engaged that it moves the sprocket about 1/2 of an inch. That movement with the suspension movement is what is making the chain skip while driving. I would have to attach the electric motor to the gas motor and when driving on electric only it would be putting some really bad stress on the differential bearings and probably kill them quickly. With chassis mounted bearings That would eliminate all the forces in strange directions being put on parts not designed for them.

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