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~10% jump in FE... summer fuel?

I know it's too early to tell for sure, but I think I just got a FE boost by summer fuel...

I've been to a few diff stations lately, and the last two tanks (last one isn't in my log yet) have been 29+...

I feel, with my previous goal of 30 mippigs, that I've somehow "cheated" though...

There is a chance that I've gone up another 2 mippigs from the addition of LRR tires and overinflation, but the first 29.7 tank occured with a left rear tire at 28 and the rest at 35 or less... the rims/tires are almost the same weight as OEM, but I've been hauling 500-1500 lbs of crap around for almost every trip now.

I guess my question here is whether or not the increase of around 10% in my FE seems like a right figure for going from winter gas to summer gas, and if the timing is right?

Those LRR tires and the rim swap came right before the first high tank, so I'm not 100% sure whether they even made a difference... Darn the timing.


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