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Jeez, that was quick...

I can't really say if there is a diff or not, I though it was a universally applied characteristic, although I never really saw less fuel economy in the winter with any of my previous cars... (always standard variation, never enough to discern a pattern).

I'm going to blame it on the tires, for now, just to say so. I can tell you this - at 50 PSI, those Michelin MXM4's are HARD. I never had the notorious minivan "clunk" in the front end, until I aired these up to 50 PSI... now I hear it once in awhile.

I just wonder if it's coincidence that I went from 27.7 to 29.5 in a single tank, w/ the LRR tires installed just after a fill up.

Either way, I'm still tentatively waiting on the 30MPG mark. When I can hit 30MPG reliably in the van, I'll start building the smaller engine/MVB trans for it, and consider the RWeD hybrid system as well.
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