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Hugh -

Originally Posted by Hugh Jim Bissel View Post

I've got at '95 corolla and I keep hoping (yet not hoping) the engine will go out so I can convert it to electric, or someone will mess up my back-end so I can boattail the heck out of it. (Though probably should start with the smaller stuff first.)

Glad to finally be a card carrying member, and looking forward to meeting y'all (I live in Texas, I can get away with using words like "y'all", even if my spellcheck doesn't agree)!
Welcome to EM! I know the feeling. I wish I had an acre and a big garage so that I could start a second car project.

Don't let that gull-durned spell-checker tell you what to write. Evry' now and then you need to misspell Geewhoseefat to get through the day.


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