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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
The punsters are coming out of the woodwork. Interesting.
Just like roaches. You must have left some food out or something!

Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
Goodness, who told you that? This is EcoModder! We're crazy.
Originally Posted by cfg83 View Post
CRAZY LIKE A BOX!!!!!!!!!!
LOL! crazy like a box of socks?

I am too, but not crazy enough to try an electric conversion or major (or even minor so far) body/aero work on the side of the road, (a driveway, my kingdom for a driveway!) on my only vehicle! (at least, not yet!)

If I had a garage though, look out! Besides what I'd mentioned before, I'd love to try "vetterizing" a motorcycle, but go more in the direction of an Ecomobile only with a much smaller engine like a 250cc; and either a gas pusher trailer for the electric car or hybridize it with a onboard 250cc.

Too many projects, too little time, money, space... though thats probably good for now, then when I am in a better position to do something big I've got it all planned out instead of trying to plan it on the fly.
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