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I've noticed another member following in your footsteps and I have a question regarding your engines. Both of you started with CX models implying the 8 valve non-Vtec-E engine. Have you swapped the engine to a different one... VTEC-E ?
I owned a CX for awhile, and I got about 42 mpg on flat runs down I-5 and around 33-36 over mountain passes. I have never owned a VTEC-E engined car but they are rated higher mpg than the CX.
If you are not running the lean burn technology, I think there is more yet to be gained over your accomplishments utilizing it + starting with a CRX chassis instead of the EG hatchback.
I am working with autocad attempting to design a rear engined aluminum unibody aero car based on civic parts. I imported engines from Japan as a business several years ago and found several options we don't have in the USA, like the 3-stage VTEC
D15B and the Civic EL engine which is a 70HP 16V 1.3L D13B offered in the 96-98 hatchback in Japan.
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