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Thank you JDOWNJ! Your user name would make an excellent password. Tango Charlie, I really don't know how to use our camera. I really would like to learn, though. I'll see about finding a macro setting. A guy from new horizons (the electronics distributor) is coming down to bring the 30 free samples of the diodes that are usually like $5 each! Now, I'm no mathematician, but 5*30 is a lot. These have a very low voltage drop, and I think are the perfect diode for the 144v 500amp controller. I'm also experimenting with the RURG8060, which has greater heat loss, but may allow for a bit more current. The new horizons cost is like $2 each for the diodes in bulk! Way cheaper than mouser or digikey!

I'm going to try to finish the etching for the power section today, finish drilling the holes in it on friday. Then, maybe friday I'll try to drill the copper heat spreader too.

Then, I can solder the mosfets/diodes/gate resistors if they are here. Oh crap! They will arrive next week. OK, so I'll solder them next week. Then I'll solder the capacitors. That's pretty quick and easy. Then the power section will basically be done. Then, once the control section is done, we can even have a professionally made one done? I would like to do a breadboard test also. Then I'll solder the components on the control board, and then make a dang box, and then attach the heat sink, and then test it in the car, and then mail it to Ben! We'll figure out what needs to be different if anything, and then order more control boards, and then start beta-testing.
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