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Honda Lean Burn D15B 3-stage VTEC

Washington State.
I stopped by my friends shop(that bought my japan engine import business a few years back). They deal in hi-performance engines but acquired a Honda D15B 3-stage VTEC engine in their last shipment.
You can google these for alot more info, but basically it's the best of both worlds, honda took the VTEC-E lean burn engine and applied yet another stage of VTEC to it which kicks in a "wild cam" offering approx 130HP. It's compatable with the 92-00 Civics but best fits the 92-95's by swapping the intake manifold. All the performance guys aren't interested in it, and I think it's an awesome piece of technology not to mention only offered in Japan and Europe for 1996-1998 model years.
To properly run it you'll want to use the ECU and wiring harness from a VX and add a apex-i VAFC using it's VTEC function to engage the wild cam and richen fuel mixture...or just leave the 2nd VTEC solenoid unhooked if you just want a replacement for your VX engine. I guess it could be used in a CX as well without hooking up VTEC at all but what fun is that
I'm using one of these in my proposed rear engine project, but I don't need three of them
It's complete with intake, distributor, throttle body, and CVT auto tranny. Basically the whole engine trans as cut from the car. The CVT is interesting but really big and heavy, I've never played with one just recycled them, but it comes with the engine or he call remove it to save shipping weight.
While I don't know the mileage the JDM engines typically have under 100,000km or 60K miles.

Jerry's place is in Bellingham, WA and he'll be glad to compression test it for you, let you pull the spark plugs and poke around, etc.
He'd like $600 for it, phone # is 360-224-4007. Willing to ship but local pickup is obviously free.

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