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Acetone, winter driving and my Prius


Just found you folks and enjoy this site very much!

My experience with adding acetone to a fill-up with my 2004 Prius:

A few months ago I say a web blog that suggested adding acetone to your gas would enhance the evaporative qualities and combustion of the gas during the burning process.

So I went to Walmart and purchased a 16 oz. bottle of finger-nail polish remover for about two dollars (ONYX Professional "Tips Be Gone").

In a very unscientific study, I added a healthy squirt the next time I filled up (usually between 8.5 to 9.5 gallons per fill-up). Please note that I regularly check my tire pressure and run 44/40 to optimize my mileage.

Now, my past normal driving in the summer has me averaging around 57-62 with LRR original tires and 55-60 with Michelin HydroEdge (I needed more snow/wet traction the the LRRs could deliver).

During the winter in Reno, I have averaged anywhere from 44 to low 50's (depending on such things as running the car to heat it up before I start my commute).

Non-scientific results:

A - Prior to adding acetone I was right in my winter averages 44 to low 50's.

B - After adding approximately 2 oz's of acetone per fill-up for the next eight fill-ups my millage has averaged 55 mpg...

So I seemed to have markedly improved my mileage and I have not noticed and ill effects from adding the acetone.

So that's my story...

All comment welcomed!

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